Steps for Clinical Staff in Opening and Saving Offline Documents in O365 Cloud Only

Avatar Barry Dillard -


Please utilize this KB if you are looking to open or save documents in O365 online that are stored on your computer. 


Addition Information:

Please be aware that in using these methods you are moving documents from the computer and placing them in your one drive. This will in turn use up space on your onedrive. If you only need the document temporarily please delete it or move it to a SharePoint folder.



If you have a document that needs to be opened in an Office 365 online application such as Word or Excel, then you can take two approaches:

  1. Drag and Drop 
  2. Open from within the Office 365 app

Drag and drop:

Office 365 online now supports dragging and dropping your documents directly into the web browser to launch and load the Document. 

Go to your office 365 portal app:

This will take you to the Main 0365 portal for all of your Office 365 apps. Once this is up you can drag any item into the web browser and Office 365 will store it in your one drive automatically and launch the proper app for the file type.


A separate window will open the applications that are needed based on the file type, in this example excel opened since the file is a .csv file


You can also perform the same steps with a SharePoint folder, otherwise, the documents will be saved to your Onedrive in the home directory.


Open from within the Office 365 app

You can also open documents by searching for them as well.

  1. Open any Office 365 app from your Okta page and then on the left-hand side click "My Content".
  2. In the pane next to "My Content" scroll down and click on Upload.
  3. an open window will pop up and you will be able to choose the file you want to open 

Your file will upload to your one drive and open automatically on a new window. 


Please keep in mind that all your documents are uploaded and stored in your onedrive or sharepoint depending on where you decided to upload them.  if you need to save them in a different location please do the following:

 Go to File and on the left side choose Save as...  you will get the following options


1. Save as - lets you choose the location to save to on your Onedrive or even SharePoint if you choose more options.

2. Download a Copy - this will bring up the save dialog box to save the item back to your local computer (a good option if the document needs to be uploaded to another app outside of Office.

3. Download as ODS - formats the document for open document software. ( we don't use nor support)